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StarTrish Designs-CritterGirl One

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  • Trish has been drawing my whimsical girls for a long time, colouring them and using them in her own art work.

    The deeply etched, red rubber stamps will arrive unmounted, so you can choose how you use them. Some love them just as they are, some like to use a foam backing before stamping. The choice is yours!

    These little ladies aren't so little! Please see the pictures above for individual measurements, but on average the girls are about 5cm by 12 cm in size, so perfect for use in your Art Journals, or on canvases and art panels.

    Each stamp will come with an postcard sized print of a piece of art Trish has created, just to give you a little bit of inspiration!
    The CritterGirl series feature a whimsical girl, with an added critter (real or a plush version, you decide!)!
    CritterGirl One is a wide eyed character, maybe an angel, maybe a fairy... or maybe just a little girl playing dress up! She has a crown, and a wand... and a little friend tucked under her arm. Lots of colouring potential for everyone!
    Currently there are two in the series, but Trish will be adding more so keep checking back.
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